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April 21, 2021


DENVER, CO — House Speaker Alec Garnett today appointed Representative Karen McCormick, D-Longmont, to chair the House Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee. Representative Marc Catlin, R-Montrose, will be the Vice Chair for the 2021 legislative session.

“My goal is to support the long-term success and strength of Colorado’s critical agriculture industry and essential water resources,” said Rep. Karen McCormick, D-Longmont. “It’s an honor to lead this committee, and I’m excited to work alongside Rep. Catlin to continue its bipartisan legacy and to help our agriculture industry and our state build back stronger.”

“Representatives McCormick and Catlin bring invaluable experience to the House Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee, and I’m excited to see them take the reins,” said Speaker Alec Garnett, D-Denver. “As a veterinarian, Rep. McCormick has decades of experience in animal medicine and has focused her legislative work on issues that are critical to the industry, like soil health, supply chains, and renewable energy projects for agriculture producers and processors to reduce their energy costs.”

The House Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee considers issues and legislation concerning water, agriculture, wildlife, and recreation. It is the committee of reference for and has oversight of the departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Representative McCormick, elected in 2020, is a veterinarian with over 33 years of experience treating animals. She has sponsored legislation to promote soil health and expand access to broadband for school districts in underserved areas. In the coming days, she will sponsor a state stimulus bill to establish a $30 million agricultural loan program to help build back Colorado’s agriculture industry even stronger than before.

Representative Marc Catlin, R-Montrose, was appointed as Vice Chair by the Speaker with the support of all members of the committee.

“I’ve worked with Representative Catlin for many years on water and agriculture issues,” Speaker Garnett continued. “He’s proven himself to be an honest, bipartisan, and respectful member of the minority party who defends and upholds the dignity and decorum of the chamber. Representative Catlin has repeatedly shown that he respects the institution and embodies the values we need in the legislature. This is what Coloradans want to see– lawmakers coming together to help our state recover faster and build back stronger.”

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