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Brianna Titone

Majority Caucus Co-Chair


Representative Titone was elected in 2018 to represent House District 27, which comprises Northern Arvada, Golden, Applewood, and the Northwest JeffCo mountains. She proudly serves as the Chair/Vice Chair of the Joint Technology Committee, and as a member of the House Health & Insurance and Agriculture, Livestock & Water committees. She also serves as co-Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, Chair of the Colorado Democratic LGBTQ+ Caucus, a board member with the Colorado State Internet Portal Authority and The Energy Council, as well as national policy committees for the National Conference of State Legislatures. She is the first openly transgender legislator in the Colorado General Assembly and the first transgender person in the nation elected to a legislative caucus leadership position.

She worked as a hydrogeologist and geochemist before becoming a citizen activist on equity issues and eventually running for office. Her extensive education includes undergraduate degrees in Physics and Geology and advanced degrees in Geosciences and Information Communication Technology.

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Brianna Titone
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