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Emily Sirota


Emily Sirota represents House District 9 in the Colorado Legislature as a social worker and proud progressive Democrat with years of experience working in government and in the southeast Denver community.  Rep. Sirota serves on the Joint Budget Committee and chairs the Appropriations Committee.

Before her election to the Colorado House of Representatives, Emily helped run an early learning center in Denver. She received her B.A. in Political Science at Indiana University and received her Master of Social Work from the University of Denver. Emily has previously worked for the Colorado Progressive Coalition and helped organize support for paid sick days. In 2011, she ran for Denver school board to protect public education. Emily also served as a policy aide to a Democratic U.S. Senator, a Democratic congressman and a Democratic governor. In those roles, she worked on health care and budget policy, and helped oversee a program to expand health care benefits for workers and small businesses.

As a Representative for House District 9, Emily has championed worker's rights, campaign finance reform, a healthy and vibrant public education system, environmental justice, progressive tax policy and fundamental reforms to our pillars of democracy.

Emily is married to reporter David Sirota, and they are the proud parents of two young children and their dog, Monty.

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Emily Sirota
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