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Mandy Lindsay

Majority Caucus Co-Chair


I’m a mom, a community organizer, a small business owner, and State Representative for House District 42. I grew up in Littleton, went to college in New Orleans to study political science, became a single mother at 23, and returned to Colorado where I eventually built a family with my husband, Kevin. We have raised four kids who are now in high school and college – while I’m still paying my own student loans. Over the last twenty years, we’ve experienced living paycheck to paycheck, faced the high cost of childcare, medical coverage (sometimes having insurance, sometimes not), and skyrocketing housing costs – plus, we’ve navigated the public education system, with four very different children.

We chose to raise our family in Aurora’s diverse and dynamic northwest corner because we want to live in a community that represents the promise of this country – a nation of immigrants in search of their American Dream. HD42 is a special place indeed, where people from all over the world come together to live and work. It has also traditionally been one of the most affordable parts of the metro area, until the last few years, when home prices and rental rates have risen sky high, creating a destabilizing housing crisis.

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Mandy Lindsay
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