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Meghan Lukens


State Representative Meghan Lukens is the first-term Representative of House District 26. House District 26 spans Northwest Colorado and includes Routt, Eagle, Moffat, and Rio Blanco counties. 

Rep. Lukens grew up in House District 26, specifically in Steamboat Springs. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from CU Boulder in History with a Secondary Social Studies licensure and a Master’s degree in Leadership in Educational Organizations with a Principal’s Licensure, Rep. Lukens returned to House District 26 to teach high school Social Studies. As someone who grew up in, lives in, and works in her community, Meghan understands the challenges that Coloradans face on a daily basis. 

As a legislator, Rep. Lukens will prioritize improving the lives of the hardworking people of House District 26. She will advocate to make the economy more accessible for Coloradans, to protect our natural landscapes and water, and to improve education systems in our state. Rep. Lukens wants to preserve the Colorado lifestyle we love, and safeguard the unique facets of our state for future generations.

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Meghan Lukens
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