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Mike Weissman


Mike Weissman is State Representative for House District 36 including Adams and Arapahoe Counties.

Mike has tackled the high cost of living by lowering taxes for working Coloradans and low and middle income seniors while eliminating tax breaks that benefit only large companies or very wealthy individuals.  He has expanded renters' rights by improving Colorado's warranty of habitability law; stood up for consumer rights by expanding the Consumer Protection Act, passing an anti-price gouging law, and improving oversight of mortgage servicers; won more funding for technical education and concurrent enrollment; helped win reauthorization of the Colorado Civil Rights Division; worked to address climate change by passing greenhouse gas pollution reduction requirements and making oil and gas companies clean up abandoned wells; and taken on corporate influence in politics by strengthening enforcement in campaign finance laws and increasing the frequency of lobbyist reporting in session ten-fold.

As the descendent of Jewish immigrants who fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe and of Irish immigrants who survived the potato famine of the mid 1800s, he seeks to pay forward and work to keep alive the promise of opportunities that our country has long offered to those seeking a new beginning.

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Mike Weissman
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