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Steven Woodrow


Steven L. Woodrow represents House District 6 located in east-central Denver--The Fightin’

6th! A class action attorney by trade, Rep. Woodrow brings to the General Assembly his

experience as a litigator and detailed understanding of law and policy, to examine an issue,

understand where commonalities lie between parties, and execute a plan to bring a favorable

resolution for his constituents and community. He sits on the State, Civic, Military and Veterans

Affairs Committee where he serves as Vice Chair, and the Judiciary Committee.

Steven was raised outside of Detroit by his hardworking, widowed mother, a public school

teacher, who taught him and his sister the importance of a strong work ethic, even in times of

struggle. This allowed him to matriculate at the University of Michigan and the Chicago-Kent

College of Law, successfully argue multiple landmark appeals, and to head his own consumer

protection practice which he started in 2015.

Representative Woodrow is a passionate advocate for social, racial, environmental, and

economic justice for all Coloradans--believing that healthcare is a human right, every child

deserves an excellent education, the American Dream should be accessible for all, and clean

air, water, and soil essential. One is never surprised to see him standing strong with those who

need help, regardless of age or status and fighting for what is right and true. His goal is to leave

every situation and every interaction #BetterThanWeFoundIt.

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Steven Woodrow
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