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William Lindstedt


State Representative William Lindstedt is currently in his first term serving the people of the City and County of Broomfield and parts of Adams and Weld County in the Colorado House of Representatives for House District 33. He sits on the Business Affairs and Labor Committee, Finance Committee, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Transportation, Housing, and Local Government Committee.

He’s a former assistant bench jeweler, public transit outreach advocate, community organizer, staffer in the Colorado House Majority, and former member of the Broomfield City Council.

While serving on the Broomfield City Council during the COVID-19 pandemic, he championed assistance for local small businesses negatively impacted and emergency housing assistance for people struggling. He has helped create Broomfield’s Housing Authority, authored municipal campaign finance reform to limit the influence of big money in local politics, and made it easier for residents to vote by adding additional ballot drop boxes across the community. William also served as Chairman of the Broomfield Transportation Forum and as a Board Director of the Denver Regional Council of Governments.

William grew up in Broomfield in a broken home. He knows what it’s like to need a hand up and how important community is to success. He now lives near where we grew up in Broomfield with his fiancee, Bria, and their retired racing greyhound, Pax.

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William Lindstedt
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