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March 9, 2020


Legislation would protect residents from retaliation and secure new rights to privacy and utility billing transparency for mobile home owners

DENVER, CO– The House today passed HB20-1196, legislation to create new rights and protections for mobile home park residents, by a vote of 41-22.

“No one should lose their life’s savings or be forced to relocate their family because they were retaliated against when they complained about the management of their mobile home park or because they incurred a minor rule violation,” said Rep. Hooton, D-Boulder.

“This legislation will protect mobile home park residents from retaliation, protect their right to privacy and ensure they are accurately billed for the utilities they use,” said Rep. McCluskie, D-Dillon. “Coloradans deserve to feel comfortable in their own homes and to live free from the fear of retaliation or privacy violations from their landlords.”

HB20-1196, sponsored by Representatives Edie Hooton and Julie McCluskie, would define retaliation against residents and would outline a process to protect residents from retaliation when they complain about park owner violations. It prevents park owners from removing tenants over minor rule violations, protecting mobile home residents from unwarranted evictions that can destroy their lives.

The bill also requires transparency in utility billing so that residents can ensure that the money they pay for essential services goes towards what it is supposed to. HB20-1196 secures a right to privacy for tenants, mandating that park owners provide adequate notice and obtain tenant consent before entering their homes.

Over 100,000 Coloradans live in mobile homes, and they are the single largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the state. Park residents, however, have been subject to arbitrary evictions and retaliation when they file complaints.

HB20-1196 is supported by: 9 to 5 Colorado, Adams County, B-Konnected, Boulder County, Call to Action-CO, CatholicNetwork, City of Aurora, City of Boulder, City of Fort Collins, Colorado Center on Law and Policy, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Colorado Coalition of Manufactured Home Owners, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Disability Law, Colorado Municipal League, Colorado Poverty Law Project, Colorado Public Health Association, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Colorado Senior Lobby, Colorado Village Collaboration, GES Coalition, The Denver Foundation, Disability Law Colorado, Elevation Land Trust, Interfaith Alliance, League of Women Voters of Colorado, Livewell Colorado, Mile High Connects, Prosperity Now, Rodefei Tzedek, United for a New Economy, Westwood Unidos, Women’s Lobby of Colorado, Together Colorado, The Chaffee Housing Trust.

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